Carhartt Men’s Durable Comfort industrial boots reviews

The Carhartt Men’s Durable Comfort boot sure looks the part. It has a leather upper that’s been tanned well and when paired with its rubber sole, looks great on the construction site.

The arch rises up 6-inches from the back and also has a pronounced toe lift and cover at the front. There’s a clever membrane that let’s heat out but ensures the boot is waterproof.It also has some other features which we’ll look at further in our review below.


The Carharrt Insite feature provides better arch support to keep the foot steady creating less fatigue over a long workday. The heat levels are managed well because of the membrane on the top part of the boot that lets hot air out.

The EVA midsole offers some bounce for the foot. The PU single-density foam on the outsole delivers greater stability to this boot without being too rigid. The Tetrapod design at the front part of this footwear absorbs pressure to avoid the ball of the foot and other frontal areas getting worn down.

It’s likely that someone who finds that their feet are tired at the end of each day might get some relief with these boots that have two foam layers to protect them and a pressure-absorbing outsole too.


The rubber outsole resists slippage due to oil residue or chemicals on the ground. The lug design and a channel near the middle allows water to flow away quickly to maintain a good grip on the ground surface. The better grip avoids slipping and injuring yourself on a job site.

The boot comes with the ASTM 2413-11 EH electrical hazard standard compliance, so it’s good for work sites where electrical activity is present.


The leather outer has an oil layer and the leather has been tanned prior to fitting. The membrane beneath the leather provides waterproofing for the boot and let’s air in and out to avoid foot odor build-up. The outsole and midsole also present no problems when it comes to waterproofing.


The combination of padding on the interior of the boot, the inner waterproof membrane and the EVA midsole with multiple foam layers under foot combine to deliver excellent insulation. While not much is directly mentioned about any insulation level with this boot, it does keep warm even on colder winter mornings.


The serious-looking style points are earned here with this boot that sports a multi-level ribbed rear arch support. There’s four eyelets and only two hooks on either side at the front, but the all black design with silver-colored eyelets & hooks, plus the white Carharrtlogo patch, is stylish yet understated.

This is a boot for industrial uses that has just enough color variances and subtleties to look good in any setting.


Carhartt have been making boots for industrial use, casual use, trekking use and all-purpose versions for decades. DC-10 earth mover operators and construction workers trust the brand because it’s stood the test of time.


The Carharrt Men’s Durable Comfort boot is made to take care of your feet while you earn the dollars on-site. The footwear is an excellent choice for people who are happy with a black boot that provides what they need without throwing in unnecessary bells and whistles.

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