Carhartt Men’s Durable Comfort Waterproof Industrial Boot


Designed with safety and comfort at the forefront, Carhartt Men’s 6″ Energy Black Waterproof Composite Toe Industrial Boot keeps wearers comfortable and safe throughout the course of their workday.

With thick rubber soles and a waterproof design, these boots are revitalizing an old concept, which is: providing users with comfortable, rugged boots for work in even the most hostile work conditions.


Being on your feet and on the move for long periods of time is no mean feat. Hence, you want a pair of boots that keeps you comfortable for long periods of time. The all-new Carhartt foot bed has been specially designed using Insite Technology, which makes for an exceptional fit and amazing levels of comfort.

With an insole that has been designed based upon 120,000 foot scans, be guaranteed that these boots will fit you like a second skin. The double layer foam cushion that protects and absorbs shock helps to significantly decreases the strain on your feet.

Along with this, the Ax Suede top cover material improves grip and eliminates foot slip, which reduces fatigue suffered and heat produced. Combine all of this together and you have a comfortable pair of work boots that can be worn continuously throughout the day.


Safety is a serious business, so it is no surprise that Carhartt takes safety seriously. This is why these boots come with a number of features that are intended to keep their wearer safe in even the most adverse conditions.

Slips and falls are the number one cause of workplace accidents, which is why Carhartt’s boots come with their patented Ground Force Rubber Outsoles. The threads of the boot soles are specially designed to provide wearers with an optimum level of grip and traction in order to reduce the likelihood of slips and falls.

Along with this, the outsoles keep wearers walking tall, thanks to their oil and chemical resistant design. Finally, the rubber outsoles meet the electrical hazard rating ASTM 2413-11 EH, which means that you are protected from electric shocks.

Traditionally, most work boots come with a steel toe cap that is intended to protect workers from falling objects and compression by ones that are heavier. However, this protection comes at a cost, as the steel toe cap is heavy and can make wearing the boots for long periods of time difficult.

Fortunately, Carhartt’s boots make use of a composite toe design which offers the same level of protection as a steel toe, but with the benefit of being significantly lighter. Hence, this makes the boots more lightweight, which also reduces fatigue and strain.


There is nothing worse than having to work through a shift with cold, sodden, waterlogged feet. Fortunately, these boots come equipped with the Carhartt patented Storm Defender waterproof membrane. This feature keeps your feet protected from external moisture.

Also, not only is the membrane waterproof, but it is also specially designed to be breathable. As a result, it keeps your feet dry and comfortable.


These boots are not designed for working in subzero temperatures, but are rather more suited to work in more temperate climates. The waterproof membrane in the boots should keep you comfortable in rain and snow, but don’t expect to work through a blizzard.


The emphasis on comfort and safety makes Carhartt a good choice for workmen who need a comfortable and hardy pair of boots that offer good safety protection. Overall, these boots are a good choice for anyone, as long as you are not working in subzero conditions.

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