Carhartt Men’s Waterproof Soft Toe Leather Work Boot Review


Carhartt Men’s 11″ Wellington Waterproof Soft Toe Pull-On Leather Work Boot CMP1100 is the ideal choice of footwear for working men and women who are looking for style, comfort and safety.

Constructed from tanned and oil leather along with abrasion-proof Cordura, these handsome pair of boots are proved to provide you with the protection in even the harshest work environments while keeping your feet dry thanks to the waterproofing membrane that provides additional support.


What makes these boots stand out among its competitors is the attention paid to ensuring that wearers are not only safe but also comfortable. The specially treated and oiled leather used to make the boots are not only easy on the eyes and durable, but also soft enough to ensure comfort for prolonged usage.

Along with this, the boot features direct attach construction which makes for a sturdier boot but also guarantees a better fit for users.


These boots are also specially designed for workers operating in difficult environments or harsh terrain.

Keep your feet safe with dual-density polyurethane outsoles that offer shock absorbent support over any terrain. Along with this, the slip-resistant soles are guaranteed to keep you safe and walking tall throughout the day. Finally, the chemical resistant finish that comes with each pair of boots ensures that your boots stay strong throughout the duration of their service.

Although, the boots may be padded and chemical-resistant, the absence of any steel-toe protection means that these boots may not be suited for heavy industrial work but are more suited for work in outdoor conditions i.e farming work.

However, the boots do feature steel shanks that offer all round protection thanks in part to the high cut design of the boots while providing additional support.


Next, the internal waterproofing membrane ensures that your feet stay dry and fresh at all times regardless of conditions. Whether you’re working on ranch in Texas or drilling for oil in the North Sea, you can rest assured that your feet stays dry and comfortable hence allowing you to focus on the job at hand.

Many users have praised these Carhartt Men’s boots for their durability and ability to keep water out even after years of difficult service. Along with this, the waterproofing membrane also doubles as a form of insulation that keeps your feet warm.


These boots have internal padding and come together with a waterproofing membrane which means that they are better suited for work in lower temperatures. Some customers have noted that wearing these boots for extended periods of time in warmer climates can be uncomfortable as the waterproof membrane also acts as an insulator.

However, for workers operating in colder climates this can be a godsend as the boot is well suited to insulating heat. Thus, when making a decision, consider the situations that you will be operating in.


With no laces or other accessories to full around with, they are the perfect high-quality footwear for people who need a decent pair of boots. Thanks to the treatment process undergone by the leather material, these boots are actually quite easy on the eyes. In some ways, they resemble the cowboy boots of old which lends them a rustic and rugged air.


Carhartt has a well-established reputation of producing high quality clothing and these set of boots are no exception. They embody the same rugged styling, sense of detail and dedication to quality that Carhartt is known for. These boots have also been praised by various satisfied customers who praise the boots for their excellent quality and ability to withstand punishment over several years.


If you are looking for a no-nonsense boot that gets the job done with minimal fuss, these boots are for you. While they may lack steel toe protection, these boots are still ideal for anyone working in less harsh conditions. Overall, these boots have been universally praised for their style, comfort and quality which is why you may want to consider a pair.

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