Caterpillar Men’s Supersede Chukka Boot Reviews




The Caterpillar Men’s Supersede Chukka is a boot that’s ideal for heading out on a hike. It comes in four color selections including classic Honey Reset, the darker Black or Coach colors, and the Sundance option which is a delicious brown shade.

The boot only has an arch that rises up 5.5-inches from the outsole. It’s made from a leather upper with delicious stitching which is clear to see. The prominent CAT branding is shown both on the tongue at the front and two-thirds of the way up the boot at the sides and back. How much the brand can be seen on the boot depends on the chosen colors as some are clearer than others (Honey color especially). These boots are ideal for wearing jeans.


The midsole has a cushioned feel to make it soft-ish underfoot. The insole is foam filled and removable for washing. The feet feel comfortable inside this boot because it slides in smoothly, feels good encased in leather and enjoys a speed lacing system which is adjustable to fit.


There is no steel toe cap here, so while the leather provides some degree of protection, it won’t protect the toes should something heavy fall on them accidentally. The secure fit and adjustable lacing make it easier to fit each foot safely to prevent sliding inside the foot causing a loss of footing with the boot.

The rubber outsole and lugs are dependable. Keeping solid footing is highly likely with these boots which have been made by CAT for many years and are trusted.


Leather keeps out a certain amount of light drizzle, but a full-blown downpour is going to soak these boots. They are definitely not rated as waterproof and should not be taken as such.


The insulation consists of a slightly padded interior, a foam padded collar and an insole with some bounce to it. The boots will be fine for most workdays even when the temperature drops, however, they’re not designed to handle the winter or sub-zero temperatures.

It would be a good idea to wear some insulated socks if you’re going to be wearing these in particularly cold weather and even then, they shouldn’t be used when the temperature drops before freezing.


The look of these CAT boot is classic casual boot usage. The Honey colored model especially will remind the wearer of previous CAT boots before this one. The outsole with hidden lugs and the midsole with the raised foot arch provide a little bit of lift off the ground. The outsole extends slightly to overlap both the front tip and the back lower heel providing extra protection for the leather to avoid scuff marks.

The subtle multi-toned appearance and attention to detail with the stitching and smart lacing system look like quality through and through.


CAT has a solid reputation for its equipment, like digger and excavators. Its branded clothing and footwear is no less respected. It’s obvious what people who buy CAT boots are needing from their footwear as they walk around in their blue-collar jobs where more rugged boots are required to keep the feet warm and protect them.


These CAT Supersede Chukka boots are well produced, durable and comfortable on the feet for long periods. Some people add a second inner to provide some additional padding, but other than that, they’re good to go. The quality shines through here from the quality of the leather finish, the stitching, and the padded feel when sliding each foot inside. You cannot go far wrong with a pair of these boots.

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