Danner Men’s Crafter Non-Metallic Toe Work Boot


Keeping comfortable and safe throughout the workday has always been a priority for workers all over the world. Tired, aching feet do not make for a conducive work environment and it even affects performance.

This is why Danner Men’s Crafter Non-Metallic Toe Work Boots are specially designed to be both safe and comfortable, in order to let you stomp the day into place.


Staying on your feet for long periods of time in some of the harshest work environments can take a serious toll on your physical and mental state. Whether you’re drilling for oil in the North Sea, or overseeing a ranch on the frontiers of Australia, you need a pair of boots that keeps your feet comfortable.

While Danner’s boots may be crafted from tough-as-nails nubuck leather, the interior of these boots couldn’t be more different. Where other boots utilize thin insoles, which offer little in the way of comfort, Danner makes use of the Danner Comfort System (DCS) to provide users with superior levels of ease.

The full-length polyurethane core offers better support for the soles of your feet and keeps you comfortable for extended periods of time. Moreover, the wide toe box and specialized heel clip eliminates the unpleasant feeling of cramped, aching feet at the end of each work day.

This is all thanks to the added foot space and improved support. Finally, the Danner Dry lining helps dry sweat, which eliminates that muggy feeling in your feet on particularly hot days.


Oiled nubuck leather has been used for years by manufacturers of premium work boots, thanks to its tough characteristics that can protect you from punctures. Along with this, the boot is triple stitched at critical stress points, which further improves durability and adds protection.

Thus, this means that you are able to rest assured that your feet are protected in the harshest of conditions. While safety is the number one priority at Danner, they also believe in keeping wearers of their boots comfortable at the same time.

The non-metallic toe protects wearers from falling objects and compression, while at the same time, reducing fatigue. This is made possible due to the lighter construction of the protective toe.

In addition, you are able to tread anywhere without fear, as the non-metallic toe meets and even exceeds current ASTM F2413-11 M 1/75 C/75 standards.


Working through a shift with cold, soaking-wet feet can be extremely uncomfortable. Along with this, prolonged exposure to moisture can result in foul foot odor, or even fungal infections.

This is why all Danner boots are constructed using oiled nubuck leather, which is naturally waterproof. Hence, this ensures that your feet are kept dry and comfortable at all times.


Leather is known to be an excellent heat insulator. So, this means that your feet can be kept reasonably warm in colder climates. For wearers working in warmer, sunnier climates, the Danner Dry Lining offers good breathability, which keeps your feet cozy.


If you are looking for a pair of general-purpose work boots that offer good protection, you can’t go wrong with Danner. Due to how much they emphasize on ease and safety, these boots are an excellent companion for anyone looking to stay comfortable for extended periods of time.

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