Dr. Comfort Boss Men’s Boot reviews


The Dr. Comfort Boss Men’s Therapeutic Diabetic Extra Depth Boot is designed as a comfort boot for people who prefer to wear leather footwear with a great appearance. While these boots are certainly not intended – or recommended – for people working on a construction site, they will look great in a casual setting.

The everyday wear of the Boss Men’s boot is accentuated by the excellent brown or black leather finish. Comfort is well taken care of too with sufficient padding to work well on uneven streets and should the temperatures drop a few degrees suddenly.


The leather is made to be durable and resistant to accidental scratches or rubbing on the surface. There is a comfortable padding around the inner collar that protects the heel if rocking back and forth. Inside, there’s a comfortable lining that prevents each foot from feeling the inside of the leather and helps it slide in and out easily.

The lace-up system includes three eyelets on each side and three curved hooks to adjust the tightness at the front to your personal liking. The laces are tough and match the coloring of the boot too. These boots are designed to be comfortable with an added insert made with gel to provide a therapeutic benefit to not aggravate any foot conditions.


The Dr. Comfort Boss boot is not intended to be used for safety reasons. There is no steel toe cap or protection at the front toes. While there is padding on the interior and the leather is resistant to abrasions, the boot is in no way a workman’s boot for the construction site or other location where foot protection is required.


The boot is not waterproof. While it does use a leather upper which has an oil residue to provide some protection from droplets of water from penetrating its surface, it won’t stand up to a sustained downpour over several hours. The outsole does rise above the ground, so getting through puddles of water unscathed will be fine.

There are other boots that certainly offer better waterproofing than this model if that’s a high priority.


There is no insulation rating supplied with this boot because it’s not intended to brave sub-zero temperatures. The model is for people who like wearing boots for general day wear purposes in moderate weather conditions.


The style of this boot is excellent. It has seamless stitching, a thick black outsole and a black padded back collar. Whether buying the black or (chestnut) brown model, the leather uses this color throughout, even with the pull up loop at the back to make it easier to slide the boot on.

There is no mistaking that this is a casual boot for everyday use. It doesn’t look super tough or super masculine, so it’ll also be fine for people who don’t want to strike a serious tone.


Dr. Comfort has a strong reputation for making quality boots for men and women. Their range includes Lycra models for greater stretch-ability and rugged boots for trekking and extended walks.


This boot is ideal for people who want a regular boot that offers plenty of comfort. While getting stuck outside in an extended downpour won’t go well without an umbrella, these boots make good all rounders. Just don’t mistake them for boots to use for work purposes where something could possibly fall on your foot.

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