Finding the right work boot for your life

“Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world.” This statement has never been truer as it is today. Shoes can make or break a look or even a foot. Wearing the proper pair of shoes for a certain scenario can save you from serious injuries when working or simply out enjoying yourself. I recently invested in qualify work boots and they have made such a difference. Investing in top work boots have not only made my work environment safer but brought a new style to my wardrobe and helped me release more stress when I have downtime. Buying work boots online has been beneficial to my fashion choices, career path, and lifestyle with having to break my bank account.

Shoe styles have always come and gone, but work boots have a made an appearance that has never seemed to fully disappear.The first time I personally saw work boots and thought they were attractive was on a popular social media site called Pinterest. There was a photo of a girl wearing them with leggings and an over-sized flannel and I fell in love with the look. People all over the world are constantly being influenced by the styles they view on the Internet. Another appeal that people find with shopping online is the amount of money a person can save. Discount codes and online-only promotions cover the websites of online shopping. People also find it easier to not have to leave the comfort of their own home to buy something that may not even be in the store they go.

Work boot tends to be on the more luxurious side of prices, especially when they are quality work boots. Depending on the brand and design of certain boots that can range from fifty to over hundred dollars. This price may sound insane, but with the ability to shop for them online it not only saves you time going to the store but also saves you money for the pair that is perfect for you.

Picking out the perfect pair of work boots can be an extremely difficult decision. When deciding on what brand and type of work boots I needed I had to think the type of shoe that would give the most efficiently for the money I was spending. I decided to go with the Timberland PRO Women’s Direct Attach 6” Steel Toe Waterproof Insulated Industrial and Construction Shoe.

Timberland has always been a trusted brand and some of my friends have Timberlands for years that still look brand new. The shoe was not only extremely durable but looked nice when dressed with the right outfit. The biggest reason I found myself deciding on the Timberlands was that they were extremely comfortable. Boots I have purchased in the past did not last very long for me because I would get awful blisters on the back of my heels, but with the Timberland, I could wear these shoes all day and come home with any injury to my foot.

Timberlands were an excellent choice because now when I go to school I worry less about uncomfortable and more about working my goals.

The career path I have found myself happily on is the journey through technical theater. I am constantly working with lumber, electrics, and all sorts of different types of technologies and resources it takes to put on entertainment. I had one experience early on where I was walking out of our scene shop after putting together a piece of scenery and as I was walking out, I ran into a table causing a knife to fall and land blade first onto my foot. I was extremely lucky that blade only grazed my foot leaving a small cut, but if my shoes had been any thinner I could have lost a toe! That was the day I began to take my footwear very seriously when working.

The Timberland I purchased were not only extremely protective for working at the school, but also proved to be incredibly useful for activities I did during my time away from school. When I have time to myself, I always have this urge to go hike and there too I have had my mishaps due to improper footwear. I now wear my work boots when hiking and I have found that they not only protect my feet but also keep them warm and I feel more adventurous knowing my shoes are stable enough to support me while scaling rocks and climbing trees. Not every job or activity needs work boots, but it is always useful to own a pair. One never knows when they might be travelling somewhere that includes a long distance of walking or if one will be working on a project that requires the handling of heavy, sharp, or simply unsafe materials. At least one pair of good quality work boots should be in everyone’s closet.

I would most likely have had more injuries or even lost a toe if I did not finally invest in a pair of top work boots. Not only are there many brands to choose from to find the perfect pair for your needs, but they are also becoming a growing trend in today’s fashion. Purchasing them online makes it easier and more affordable to get them and once you have them there is really no stopping you from pursuing more goals or even scaling higher mountains. You never know what path life may take you on so it is always useful to have a pair of work boots at hand when deciding on what shoes for your adventure.




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