How Can Work Boots Bring The Comfort In Your Normal Work Stress

From time immemorial the working class that is mostly the off office workers do appreciate the creation of footwear due to misses of different forms of accidents that involve the feet mainly, despite the fact that most workers don’t like the work boots since they are heavy while some are uncomfortable inside due to tire and wear mostly.


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Recently at Mwadue Mining site and many small mining sites around lake zone (Lake Victoria) in Tanzania  the safety belt that govern the rights of  wananchi (citizens) did their annual report on safety which is compared to the recent years reports the only sector that injuries and accidents are low are the feet that in comparison to arms, body(abdomen ) and the head. The report was tabled and analyzed by the specialists it concluded that the foot safety at work sites is  settled as long as the workers are wearing their boots.

But the workers most of them raise complaints that are mostly ignored by the authorities over the intolerance of this boots that I venture into for instance, Sweaty feet, fungal infections (athlete’s foot), aching, flat or tired feet common among workers who spend most of their working time standing, Severely aching feet, blisters, calluses, corns, rheumatism, arthritis, malformations of toes, fallen arches (flat feet), bunions and  sprains  that is collected date from the clinic that is attended by his workers.

The contracts of East Africa has been taken over by construction system companies that are from China they work in mostly Tanzania, Kenya, and Uganda, under safety regulations this company have done much infect more than many African companies in terms of safety enhancement  but still  foot safety take  the lead  in  their safety report  but men do have a complaint  regardless of the work done well,  with the same limitations as the ones I have stated on mining companies.

This goes to Jasson Corporation a small construction firm in Mwanza Tanzania and a lilypiky which is an upcoming organization that is meant to train unfortunate girls into being useful in life luckily they train this ladies driving skills.

To solve this factors that stain our life-saving boots work boot companies have to check into our boot first and its faults if there are any. You can check out more about such companies from here

The upper refers to the part or parts of a shoe that cover the toes, the top of the foot, the sides of the foot and the back of the heel. In simpler terms, the entire part of the shoe that covers the foot. The upper can be cut from a single piece or can be consist of a number of different pieces stitched together but this depends on the style of the shoe. Parts of a shoe upper can include the vamp, the back, the tongue, the quarter and the lining.

There’s a variety of materials that uppers can be made of but historically, the most popular material tends to be l

The foot bed, more commonly known as the insole is the inside part of the shoe that runs under the bottom of the foot. The foot bed of a safety shoe improves comfort for the wearer, which in turn helps to increases performance.

Safety toe caps are protective reinforcement caps under the upper in the toe area which protects the foot from falling objects or compression. The material traditionally used for toe caps is steel but in recent times many safety boots will have a compose cap toe. Both types of toe caps have different properties which you can read about here.

The shank is a supportive structure that sits between the shoes insole and outsole and runs underneath the arch of the foot. It is the support structure that provides rigidity and stability in safety boots. The shank can be made from a variety of materials including steel, plastic, fiberglass, and Kevlar. They stiffen the outsole to give a more stable fit

workbootsThe midsole lies between the foot bed and the outside and provides shock absorption and support for the wearer. Midsoles can be made from a number of different materials such as polyurethane, Composite materials, Kevlar, and steel. Midsoles can also be made pierce resistant to give extra protection.

The bottom most part of a shoe that comes in direct contact with the ground. The out sole can be made out of a variety of materials, including leather, rubber, polyurethane, and TPU.

The outsole is a crucial part of protective safety footwear providing stability, traction, and protection from on-site slips and falls. They can also have other properties including heat and cold insulation.

These boots are well fashioned for their function and problems experienced by the users can be solved to bring about the comfort since they are fatigued brought about by work condition and modes. These are how to bring about user comfort;

  • An adjustable work surface is the superlative choice for standing jobs. If the work surface is not adjustable, two solutions include installing a platform to raise the shorter worker or a pedestal to raise the object for a taller worker.
  • Rest breaks aid to lessen foot problems where redesigning jobs is unfeasible. Frequent short breaks are preferable to fewer long breaks.
  • Footwear that fits poorly or is in need of repair also contributes heavily to foot discomfort hence change or repair must be done with mediated effect.
  • Work station design should allow the worker room to change body position.
  • Mediate medical treatment to foot diseases is the optimum answer to the best result and foot massage.
  • And changing of the worn out shoes is recommended.
  • A foot-rail or footrest enables the worker to shift weight from one leg to the other because it helps to reduce the strain on the lower legs and feet.
  • Where possible, a worker should be proficient to work sitting or standing at will even when work can only be done while standing, a seat should be provided for resting purposes.
  • The heaviness of the boots have been solving by the different companies that try different material to come up with safe work boot
  • With those in place, all of the work boot users will enjoy their life at work.



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