How online shopping influence the people to buy work boots online


The work boot industry produces a high-quality product that is durable, it protects foot bones from accidents, provides surefooted support and is designed by famous companies; yet it has not kicked off with mainstream consumers.  Work boots need to be introduced as the norm to many more industries than just construction, warehouse, law enforcement, truck drivers and site engineers. It should be the industry standard uniform gear for many more fields simply because it is such a superior footwear product.

The modern work boot now appears in light-weight and sleeker designed counterparts compared to the original heavy steel toe bulky lace-up boots.  Top companies are redesigning work boots to eliminate stress from your workplace to look like oxfords and even sneakers.  But what work boots share in common, is the protection they offer to the wearer. Work boots have comfortable cushioning that maintain good posture, have strong traction to prevent slips and falls and protect feet from the impact of heavy dropped objects and the piercing of sharp nails.  In fact, work boots lessen fatigue by decreasing the strain on the lower leg muscles and lessen chances of developing chronic work-related musculoskeletal disorders.

So why not push to popularize work boots into the mainstream?  One hundred and fifty years ago, denim jeans were only worn by miners and cowboys.  Fast forward to today — who doesn’t own at least one pair of jeans?  Similarly, work boots, in their versatile forms, should be enjoyed by many professions.  Imagine an IT professional who is setting up a data center with servers and racks.  As he or she is moving heavy equipment, work boots would provide better traction and lift support than any sneaker.  And what good is a sneaker over a steel-toe boot, if a heavy CPU slips and falls on one’s foot?  Likewise, chef’s work in a high-paced, slippery, all-day-on-your-feet environment where work boots can provide protection from slips and hot soup burns.

Many professions that require persons to be standing for long hours should choose comfortable footwear that offers support for correct back posture and deep soft foot cushioning.  Even persons employed on desk jobs can use an extra support for correct standing and walking posture and can enjoy the benefits of the light-weight work boots that look like sneakers, oxfords and smooth black leather slip-on.

Final words: In order to promote work boots into the mainstream, many marketing strategies can be employed.  Suppose the major work boot manufacturing companies, such as Timberland, Caterpillar, Keen, Skechers and Wolverine invented a new sport that requires the players to wear work boots.  It could be a triathlon, where hikers would be challenged to trek through muddy terrain, quicksand, rocky ground and shallow swamps.  Or, the new sport could be a cross between soccer and football played on a muddy field wearing lightweight, waterproof, lace-up work boots.  These companies can sponsor the sport and advertise their names at the same time.  Once the idea catches on, consumers will learn that this is not a fad, but actually, a long-lasting superior foot wears essential that is a “must have.”   What’s more, if middle-schoolers and high-schoolers grasp on to this concept, then the sky’s the limit for the work boot manufacturers.  They can boast to teens, “Your work boots will outlast your shoe size!”



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