How Work Boots Relieve Workplace Stress

comfortable work boots

My very first job was training show horses. As you can imagine, there was a lot of stomping, & all of it was going on near my own feet. This would have been very stressful for someone in a pair of loafers, but because I was wearing comfortable work boots, I was able to roll my eyes & simply tell a thousand-pound animal, “Scoot over!”, when he stepped directly onto me.

At my current job, I was moving something heavy for a guest, & just as I began to lift it, the man said, “Be careful! You don’t want to drop it on your foot!” With a small smile, I wiggled my work boot a bit in his direction. “Wouldn’t hurt even if I did, sir,” I replied. Noticing my boots, he commented on how nice it was that I had them for just such an occasion.

In those situations, & many others like them, my work boots have provided a sense of comfort for both myself & those I work with. Knowing that there’s one less thing to worry about during the day makes it go that much smoother. In fact, many workplaces have strict policies about the kind of footwear required for the job because of how many things can go wrong by not wearing work boots. Can you imagine the stress levels of a contractor on a job site, discovering one of his employees in flip flops?

Everyone knows that work boots are the safest footwear option. My father’s employer even goes so far as to comp out its employees a new pair of work boots every year. It’s less stressful &expensive to keep boots on every single employee than it is to pay medical expenses for one person who has an accident without proper footwear.

Steel toe work boots protect you from serious foot injuries, but they also offer a variety of other benefits as well. You don’t have to worry about slips or falling, because most work boots are slip resistant. You’re more surefooted & less prone to tripping, because most work boots are a bit heavier than an average shoe. Your balance on a ladder is better for that same reason. Work boots have thick soles, so stepping on a nail is no big deal. My personal work boots are water resistant, so even the slight inconvenience of damp socks can be avoided by wearing them. I am so completely comfortable wearing my work boots that I’m able to concentrate fully on my tasks at work without devoting any mind-space to worries about safety hazards.

There’s no possible way I would have been able to train horses in anything but work boots. I couldn’t step foot in a warehouse without them. Work boots remove stress about personal safety from the workplace because they are designed entirely with safety in mind. The employers, employees & customers of an establishment are all less stressed when an employee is wearing them. The knowledge that the best protection of feet is being used gives a sense of confidence that will increase productivity at any aspect of a job.

Out of all the reasons to be stressed at work, footwear is the easiest to solve: get work boots! Work boots decrease the amount of stress in a work environment more than any other part of a work uniform. They do this simply by being the safest footwear available.


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