Our Detailed Review of Buying Work Boots

I work in a manufacturing environment and I have been working in this career for a couple years now. A big trend has been steel toed boots. Safety is a priority and the right boot is an absolute must.

Advice I give to people usually include a description of where they spend most of their time, and nobody catches on that I am trying to get them to say, “ I spend most of my time in my bed, and on my feet!”. The thing I realized was that I spend most of my time on my feet, so why shouldn’t I invest in a good work boot? That is a guaranteed 9 hours a day that I am in the work boots, and that isn’t even mentioning if I make plans before or after work.

The convenience of online shopping definitely helps when you’re looking for the right style, but even then it is a bit of work finding the right boot because most manufacturers of slightly different when it comes to size, so you don’t want to be stuck ordering a boot and then returning it because it was too loose or too snug.

Online shopping makes it easier for the customer to narrow down a selection, and the benefits of online shopping is that most places allow you to order and have it shipped to the store. This is a little extra convenience because if you have a problem at the store, you can make the exchange right away.

I have been wearing work boots for a while, and just knowing I have a dedicated pair of boots for work helps me manage stress. I know that sounds awful, but most people don’t realize how every little disadvantage you have in life will add up and get to you later, and knowing my boots will literally carry me through my shift makes a world of difference.

I mean, if we are being honest, comfort attracts me to the right shoe. I don’t care for design or looks anymore because now that I am older, I have too many other problems to worry about. I just want the right shoe to feel good, and if it looks good that’s just a bonus, but it’s not important to me. I don’t want a shoe that looks amazing only to find out that I cannot walk through a puddle for it will seep into the bottom of my shoe! I have had this happen on multiple occasions, by the way.

I like being able to find a selection of shoes online that fit the type of job too, because sometimes you need a work boot that goes above the ankles. I have always been a high top person but sometimes my work causes me to go into wet areas, so a comfortable water resistant boot is a priority for that job as well.

Some companies give the employees the luxury of work boots for their site, but this means much more confined selection, but this is probably due to either convenience of the supplier or because they haven’t used online methods to narrow it down to the right shoe for the right job.

Not all manufacturers are alike, and that means a discrepancy in quality and comfort if you find the wrong shoe. I would know this first hand, because all Quality Assurance personnel wear similar boots for most manufacturing companies.

My coworker who had to have part of her foot removed due to health complications had to have specially designed boots which she was able to coordinate online. This benefit changed her life, I remember how much she complained about having to deal with her health issues while wearing the work boot that probably wasn’t the most comfortable. I gave her my advice and said to invest in yourself, invest in your feet. I haven’t heard a single complaint about the work boot because she decided to upgrade and finally start suffering.

Another instance for a previous job was that our company had us wear regular sneakers in a meat manufacturing environment. I thought that was odd, but it was how business was rolling at the time and I didn’t really want to question it. After a while I noticed people were complaining about water getting on their pants just above their ankles because when they cleaned their work station (it was a full rinse down), it was almost unavoidable. I was a part of the QA team that recommended a tall work boot and the company ran a trial to see if it made a difference. All the employees that tried to boot said the comfort level was adequate and the protection from water was exactly what they needed. Since I had to wear the boot too, I made suggestions about what could make it better and they opted for comfort insoles for all employees. It was a really great gesture and I know the employees who were struggling were thankful that they didn’t have to go home with wet pants. Mind you, this plant kept the room at 37 degrees to keep the meat fresh, that water was brutal.

I guess in review, my biggest concern is and always will be comfort. Nobody can focus and does their job well if they are in constant pain or struggling with uncomfortable boots. I know it was something that I had dealt with in my career. If companies utilized their resources better, most companies could afford to get a comfortable work boot that works for the job description. Nothing fancy, it doesn’t need to light up and it doesn’t have to have all the “swag” in the world. It just needs to do the job, and do it well.

Besides, who needs the looks when you have the comfort? Not me, I’ll take comfort every time. It is a really cool thing to be able to search for the right fit and right comfort level with the convenience of online shopping from http://www.top-work-boots.com/

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