Smith & Wesson Men’s Breach Work Boot Reviews



Smith & Wesson produce weapons, but also accessories, fold out knives and tactical boots for law enforcement and anyone else who wants to own a pair.

There are two versions of this Breach 2.0 model; the first has a 6-inch shaft and the second has a 9-inch shaft. Down both right sides, you’ll find a zip that runs from the top of the boot to just above the EVA mid sole area near the bottom.

The model comes in a black version which has a no-nonsense appearance and a camouflaged coyote version. Each is quite distinctive from the other.


The boots are made from a combination of leather and nylon with foam inner lining. There a substantial collar made from polyurethane and a long, gusset tongue that runs the length of the upper until it reaches the bottom of the lacing.

The combination of the right-side zip-up method and the lacing at the front allow for a snug, comfortable fit. The boots won’t slide around once your feet are inside them.

The mid sole is made from EVA which provides a bouncier feel with good controlled movement. The out sole is rubber with bi-directional lugs, so it grips wet surfaces to avoid getting a blister from losing your footing.


The steel shank inside each boot provides greater rigidity. The boots feel a little stiffy when first wearing them, but that’s because you’re expected to be breaching doorways while wearing them.

The hardened leather upper mixed with nylon provides a thicker surface that fights abrasions picked up from scuffing.

The rubber out sole performs well. It grips securely to waxed floors, carpet, concrete, ladders and when climbing over fences too. It’s a good choice to offer a secure grip when moving through the urban jungle.


The leather upper provides a good degree of protection from the rain and splashes from stepping through puddles of water. Smith & Wesson do make another boot under the same branding that is stated as being fully waterproof. We feel this one is good enough for most uses, but don’t leave them out in the rain overnight.


There’s foam padding inside the boot that makes it warmed when out on cold nights. The leather acts as a good insulator. The combination of the rubber outsole and EVA midsole also insulates the feet from the cold ground.


The black boots cut a striking sight. It’s distinctly different from a regular climbing boot or another type though some of the materials are similar. It’s almost got a space-age appearance to it. Certainly, looks high-tech and stylish without a doubt.


The brand Smith & Wesson is well-known and respected for their range of weaponry. It stands to reason that their military-style boots are serious looking items that get the job done.


The Smith & Wesson Men’s Breach 2.0 Tactical Side Zip Boots look and feel right for their role as footwear for an urban warrior. Whether you need them for tactical operations or you’re just a fan of tough-looking boots, these are comfortable and reasonably durable. The boots strike a good balance between appearance, toughness, and comfort.

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