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protects feet with work boots

Work stress- who can relate? Everyone. But it’s working people who use their feet to earn a living that know how much a good pair of boots means for the quality of life. Best comfortable work boots mean the difference between success and stress. I know this to be true from personal experience, the stories of my family members and observations of the general public.

Work boots – Protection is must!

It all starts on the ground, where the worker is connected to their trade by their boots. My dad worked in the construction, forestry and telecommunications industries over the years and his work boots are one of my earliest visual memories. I remember him getting up before the sun came up and lacing up his boots before leaving for work. The boots came off when he returned home and he changed into regular footwear to be a regular dad again. I asked why he did that each day and he explained “Bean” … (my childhood nickname) “I need special boots for work because I am on my feet and they help me to stay strong all day”. That explanation made a lot of sense to a toddler and I still keep it in mind. I imagined my dad out there climbing poles or running heavy equipment or even stomping around in the woods wearing his special work boots that kept him warm and gave him strength all day. The work boots gave him an edge and he was willing to drive a distance to find a sale or go to the store that had his size. Looking back, that was time wasted. He didn’t have online shopping spots like Amazon to give him back his free time.

Deal With The Regular Stress

Now as a young adult with a part-time job myself, I understand some of the science behind stress and managing the demands of work and school. I have to be prepared physically and mentally to perform the job and take care of myself while doing good work. I need to be rested, fed and wear comfortable things so that I am a good employee and co-worker. There is nothing worse than aching feet to make your day (or night) stressful. Personal choices impact our ability to deal with work stress. I know that my Dad was right about wearing really good work boots to make the day less stressful so he could get home in a good mood to enjoy family time and life. Of course, there will be stressful situations at work, that’s to be expected, but pain and discomfort don’t have to be part of life as a result of bad footwear.


Online Shopping Is Fun

People know that choosing the right work boots is an essential element for success. For me going to college for media studies in the hope of getting into the advertising industry is the path to success. I observe people in public and notice their behaviors and choices. I watch trends on the internet to see what styles are popularized online and then really what is practical in the community. I know people use some of their free time for shopping and hear my grandmother’s voice saying “choose comfortable footwear”. I never question what is taking people so long to pick between steel toes, slip-resistant soles or the 6-inch or 8-inch work boot. Which brings me to the reason why I am writing this blog: I know why people like online boot shopping. It’s actually less stressful and more efficient to search for the perfect work boot online than it is to travel from place to place in the hopes of finding the right size and style.

Live Quality Life

Who wouldn’t want to easily find the boots that fit their feet and their needs perfectly and free up the rest of the day or night for relaxation? More and more people are understanding the importance of distressing and the need for time to engage fun activities that improve quality of life. People want to live fun experiences and spend time together enjoying the world and helping each other or vice versa. It’s true, people spend time online for information, entertainment and shopping. But less time doing that means more time having fun! I look forward to learning the inner workings of creating campaigns to sell products; whether I will be working on native advertising, content marketing or designing ads for apps to  leverage micro-moments. And that will be work aimed to connect with the people on the ground, the workers on their feet who earn and spend money and live quality lives.

Comfort is everything!

My goal is to create campaigns that are highly effective in connecting brands to target audiences on the platforms they use, but not following a model that equates time and clicks with success. Ideally, people should spend less time searching online yet produce the same market outcomes. Companies should achieve sales targets while taking less time away from people’s lives, that is efficiency. With work boots, most people develop brand loyalty based on quality, fit, comfort, price and durability. Design innovations may cause people to change buying behavior, but when a company consistently delivers the five essentials, they guarantee themselves repeat business which takes almost no time to complete using a mobile device. We aren’t going back to shopping the way it was, and information won’t leave the cloud. People do things without understanding why because it is less stressful than worrying about the details. People know that comfort is a stress reliever.


When I think about the boots I have worn- to hike in the mountains, trek through the snow, kick up my heels running crew at a school play or listening to music at a concert, I realize that my life is good and I take opportunities for enjoyment when I can to balance the demands of the working life. I know the work I put into becoming a great student and creative thinker will lead me to an enriching career that helps transform the way people engage in the world around them.



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